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 20th November 1998

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Trans-Atlantic rowing attempt

Atlantic Endeavour hits the Verde

Kenneth Crutchlow reports on a failed record attempt

The Atlantic Endeavour's attempt to beat 35 days 8 hours for an Atlantic rowing crossing ended on November 18 in the Cape Verde Islands, where the Scots crew of 18 put in "for repairs".

The 16 men and two women set out on November 1 from Port Morgan, Gran Canaria, aiming to beat the record set by the 11-man French crew of La Mondiale in 1992. Right from the start the Atlantic Endeavour failed to achieve the 100-mile a day goal necessary to break the record. The average for the 10-ton vessel was under 60 miles. La Mondiale weighed under 4 tons.

The Ocean Rowing Society's monitoring of ocean crossings reveals that none of six attempts in 1998 have completed voyages. Mike Bird completed part of a row across the Pacific from Hawaii to the Marshall Islands. The four attempts at Atlantic crossings apart from Atlantic Endeavour's were: Peggy Bouchet (France), rescued 120 miles from Guadeloupe after 3000 miles in 80 days; Tori Murden (USA), 3043 miles in 85 days before being rescued from hurricane Danielle; Mathew Boreham (GB) rescued off Tenerife after 10 days at sea; Richard Jones (USA) towed back to Lisbon after three days at sea.

© Copyright Kenneth Crutchlow, 1998.

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