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Women's Inter-regionals

Back by popular demand

Women's Inter Regional Championships will take place for the second time at the National Water Sports Centre, Holme Pierrepont on May 1 in conjunction with the BUSA Regatta. Devised by the regional coaching development officers, this event proved immediately popular with ten regions sending teams in 1998. The idea of placing two more steps in the performance ladder to bridge the gap for women between the Women's Head and Henley was ambitious. It was with the help of a small equity grant to the ARA from the English Sports Council that the event was realised.

The first step is a regional competition to decide the team. Some regions choose to supplement this with a training day organised by team managers (see panel). The second step is the inter regional championship itself. The format for the inter-regional is two blocks of heats with the first three in each heat going to the A final. The remainder go to the B final giving every crew the chance to race twice over the 2km course.
Medals will be awarded for first, second, and third (depending on entries) and their coaches, points are awarded for all crews to determine the
overall winning region. Entry will cost 7 per athlete which will go towards the cost of their regional T-shirt.

The events have been carefully chosen (1x 2x 4x 2- 4+ ) to make it possible for club crews to compete although composites are equally
encouraged. The Women's Inter Regional Championships provides a great opportunity to get some multi-lane racing in early against crews you may well be lining up against later in the season and a chance to check if
that training programme is really working!

Inter-regional team managers:

Northern Region
Ros Martin H 0191 3830048 E
Yorkshire & Humberside
Julia Markham W 01274 624570 E
North West
Neville Orme W 01244 316614
East Midlands
Terry O'Neill W 0115 9825528  E
West Midlands
Gary Harris H 0121 5546092
Tish Reid W 0171 2095090 E
Terry Wilson H 01703 3498918
Thames Upper
c/o Nigel Weare W 01483 532614 E
Thames Lower
James Macartney H 0171 7364441
c/o Simon Dickie W 01905 855498 E
South East
c/o Simon McArthy W 01714743333 E

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