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The longest rowing race ever, the Tenerife to Barbados Trans-Atlantic Challenge, has been won. New Zealanders Rob Hamill and Phil Stubbs landed on the 22nd November, in a total time of 41 days, one hour and 55 minutes. For news and photographs, see their page on the NZ website.

Now that the race is over, see Life on the Ocean Wave in issue 106 of Regatta Online for some stories the competitors told, and the Ocean Rowing Society's website for detailed information about sea crossings.

Full final position results here.

Best Atlantic Challenge sites

  1. The winners, Kiwi Challenge have a webpage hosted by Rob Bristow. This site is also archiving the satellite plots produced by the Ocean Rowing Society so that they can be checked for reference. The site includes a stats analysis of their performance, day by day.
  2. Emails from John Searson on Commodore Shipping.
  3. Diary News from Jock Wishart and Duncan Nicoll.
  4. The Ocean Rowing Society has a very full and useful site, having followed the large fleet with an updated map. They also have historical information about ocean rowing and interviews and photos.
  5. Spirit of Jersey had a news page here.
  6. Reid and Watson's news page has only the initial reports on it.
  7. Toc H Phoenix's site has a map and results page with an updated satellite weather chart.
  8. Star Atlantic had an excellent diary page detailing their experiences daily.
  9. American Pearl's diary page had the stories of their trials, finishing with their desperate battery problems in their re-row attempt, now failed.
  10. The Royal Marine Atlantic website had an updated map with the positions of John Bryant and Steve Lee.
  11. The story of how CD Riches and Peter Haining had to bow out of the race.


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Stephen Seilor, producer of the Masters Athletes Physiology and Performance sports site, hosted a very comprehensive site for the Norwegian team of Stein Hoff and Arvid Bentsen, with loads of background information. His site included links and weather maps, descriptions of the equipment, and an article on the food and physiology requirements.

David and Nadia Rice, Eamonn and Peter Kavanagh, Geoff Gavey and John Van Katwyk, Michael Elliott and Louis Hunkin, Simon Chalk and George Rock, Mark Stubbs and Steve Isaacs, Edward and Matthew Boreham, Jock Wishart and Duncan Nicoll, Roger Gould and Charles Street, Arvid Bentson and Stein Hoff, John Searson and Carl Clinton, Mark Mortimer and Martin Bellany, Wayne Callaghan and Tim Welford, Jan Meek and Daniel Byles, Nikolia Wedemeyer and Boris Renzelmann, Victoria Murden and Louisa Graaf, Steven Lee and John Bryant, Neil Hitt and Peter Hodgen, Daniel Innes and Peter Lowe, David Immelmann and David Mossman, Ian Blandin and Robert Cassin, Rob Hamill and Phil Stubbs, Jean Marc and Marie Christine Meunier, Russell Reid and Andrew Watson, Richard Duckworth and Isabel Fraser, Pascal Blond and Joseph Le Guen, David Jackson and Jim Shekdar, Keith Mason-Moore and Graham Walters, Ian Charter and Nigel Garbett.

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