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The Amateur Rowing Association Disclaimer

The ARA cannot under any circumstances guarantee the security and confidentiality of any data held on this website or sent to us or from us by email. Consequently we strongly advise that no data or information of a confidential nature is sent by email or via the Internet. The ARA hereby disclaims and excludes all liability for loss, damage or exposure that may arise as a result of the unauthorised access to any data or information held on this website or transmitted or received by the ARA.

In visiting this website you expressly acknowledge that the ARA is not and cannot be held responsible for the ownership, decency, reliability and integrity of the content of this website or any emails sent or received by the ARA. You may not rely on any information or advice published on this website and no data hereon is provided for any specific purpose. The ARA expressly forbids the transmission to it or publishing on it of defamatory statements (as defined in the Defamation Act 1996) in respect of which the ARA may be held liable.

The ARA shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of this website and/or the ARA's email service [including, without limitation, any liability or loss arising out of the downloading of any software from this website and no warranties are given in respect of quality or fitness for purpose of such software. Although the code in all software held on or able to be downloaded from this website has been checked, there may be a risk of digital damage if you download any software without first checking the code for viruses and the ARA cannot be held responsible or liable for any such digital damage which may occur.]

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